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Micro One Technologies was founded in 2006 as a game changing force in contract Information Technology support and services.

Our targeted customer base are small to medium sized businesses that need first class Technology Services but may not have the resources or desire to staff an On-premises I.T. department.

In today’s fast paced business environment, running a business on outdated or insufficient technology can see your business outmatched by competitors, shrink profit margins and above all, can leave your proprietary business data and confidential customer information at risk. Services and Technologies that large firms take for granted have now become essential for all businesses regardless of size or staffing levels.

This is where Micro One comes in.

We staff a multitude of subject matter experts that are capable if applying immediate and relevant focus to any Information Technology need. From diagnosing and repairing a malfunctioning system to day to day questions from your staff to help them be more productive where their jobs and your I.T. infrastructure intersect. Maricopa Micro is there for your business just as if you had an office full of I.T. professionals in your suite.

Micro One partners with your business and essentially becomes your I.T. Department, and just like in-sourced I.T. we take an active role in assessing and planning for your Information Technology needs, today and in the future.

Traditional, non-contract, hourly, out-sourced I.T. depends on a precarious balance of enough problems to support a business while not having so many problems as to prevent you from doing your business. It is impossible for a business that has to maintain a minimum level of billable hours to survive, to be interested in creating a robust and trouble free environment for you.

Micro One’s monthly contract support services effectively eliminate this contradiction. When you partner with Micro One, your I.T. objectives immediately become our I.T. objectives. Maintaining a modern, useable, convenient and trouble free environment as is possible, is now our shared goal.

Now your monthly I.T expenses are no longer an unpredictable, cash crunching, headache. The recurring monthly fee can be budgeted, and will not change during the month regardless of how much you utilize our services.

Micro One is the talent multiplier your business needs to stay ahead of your competitors and stay out of the I.T. Badlands.

When your business is partnered with Micro One you can...

Sit Back... Relax... It's Handled...

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